I was in an Accident

I was hit by a truck on i20 and sadly the driver left the scene. It was a black older truck. My car is totaled and I have a bad concussion. My forehead hit the Handel bar near the front windshield. My airbags did not deploy so I hit the Handel bar with my head at 50 miles an hour.

I feel really bad right now vomiting, blurred vision yep the works. But all and all I am alive.

I was discharged from the hospital, and need rest. I am in a lot if pain. This milestone in my life will be difficult one to get over on all angles. Learned a lot today … From everything…

But to My girlfriend you amaze me. You always have and do save the day. I cannot thank you enough you are and always will be my hero. You are a friend with no limits and with great understand. Thank you for coming to the hospital and making me laugh even when I was about to pass out, vomit or cry. You made it so much better.

Thanks to my dad who almost beat up the security guard. Ha ha long story but wow no body was going to keep him away.


I do have some forgetfulness and a few slightly confused moments but they said it is normal for the next 24-48 hours. The good sign is I remember it later. I remember bits a pieces of the accident and the witness filled the rest of the missing parts in. It could have been worse. Going to be fine Let me know if you find my brain on the highway …

The handle on the windshield, is where I hit my head. Other than that there is no further damage to me. My brain on the other hand they are still looking for it…

Today has been full of frustrations and sleep.

But all day I have been thinking about this…
This situation was very much like the “Final Destination Movie”.

I saw this other car get into a wreck right in front of me before my accident. I pulled over to help and called 911. When he was ok I left the scene. I was really shaken about the incident and drove a bit slower. 20 mins later there is a record of my phone call to my husband.

I have a lead foot. A very bad habit to have. I might have been going 70 before the 1st wreck. But I was so shaken by the recent accident I was going significantly slower and I didn’t see the guy fly over 4 lanes of traffic to get around the construction. I keep thinking if I hadn’t seen the 1st wreck. I might have hit the other guy a lot harder and things might have been worse. There was also a witness who kindly did the same thing I did for that other guy. Almost like “KARMA”. He kindly stayed on the side of the road and called 911 (in a bad area) and waited for the police. I also think the witness got a clear picture of what the other guys truck looked like. I was clearly in shock and don’t remember and just took what he said for fact.

Its amazing to think what might have happened. Body is hurting everywhere and I am sad I missed a really fun 5K today. I am going to try and sleep again. At the moment so many things are so bad around me. Crap is flying at me from everywhere my job is overwhelming and even people I thought were friends have thrown their own share of crap.

But, I am reminded by what my Mom use to say when many things go wrong all at once you must be traveling the wrong road. Those bumps are warning signs to turn around and rethink where you are going. Guess I will be doing this for awhile… nite

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