I found my motivation to move today!

I have spoken about finding your motivation before.  Well, I think I found one of them, and it is 2 wonderful ladies who have been friends for some time.


Last year I use to walk religiously every morning. This quickly became a huge part of why I lost 50 pounds a year ago. It was my goal to make 3 rounds equalling 10,000 steps meeting my goal every morning. Knowing my body I cannot lose weight without moving and getting the exercise I need.


Well since COVID hit getting out to walk has been very sparse, and the weight is just starting to slowly creep back up. Well, today I left to go to the grocery store and there they were. Two wonderful and very kind ladies I knew only as a friendly smile and a hand wave. But I see them all the time around the same time.


Lisa and Kim Walking Buddies

Meet Lisa and Kim, walking besties who understand the importance of keeping healthy not only for themselves by staying physically active, but with the COVID cases in our county being the top in the state right now, they are keeping each other safe by wearing a mask. I can’t imagine what a struggle that must be to exercise and walk with a mask. But to me, that act alone and the sacrifice of discomfort is really beautiful.


For the last 3 years I have lived here, day after day, I see these two ladies briskly walking together and keeping up with each other. Lisa told me today that the walking has helped her lose 50 lbs. but is currently working through the covid weight which I really sympathize with her.


A touch of beauty growing in the cold.

This morning it was 40 degrees and as I walked out my door there they were, walking 6 feet apart (one Adam Driver apart), keeping up with each other.


So I would like to take their story and focus on taking their story and making it my motivation for me to get out there myself. Because if these two ladies can go out day after day in 40-degree weather, wearing an uncomfortable mask while staying 6 feet apart but still keeping up with each other, I certainly can get out there myself.


So I reached out to my virtual “Fitbit” buddy and sent her a goal day showdown through Fitbit, and told her I am going walking at lunch. Guess what she accepted!  (I LOVE THIS GIRL!) What an amazingly supportive friend! 


I was able to get in 8,400 steps around lunch but needed to quickly needed to get back to work.  My husband, said you are too close to your goal. So we finished the last lap together ending in 13k steps. I DID IT! I hit my goal and it took a lot to beat the cold of 41 degrees. So I sincerely want to thank Lisa and Kim, My Virtual Buddy who went walking with me for the day, and of course my husband who has been in a lot of pain but without complaint walked a 3200 step lap with me.


Thanks to my husband for walking through the pain without complaint to motivate my last lap! <3

So I guess you can say, IT WORK! Going to plan for the morning.

So thank you Lisa and Kim you paid it forward. ❤

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